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Immunology - Shared Knowledge in Patient’s Benefit

The Immunology International Forum was designed by 648 for MCCANN PR Romania, our trusted partner & collaborator.

The Immunology Web-Portal is meant to be engaging, simple to use and to keep users engaged with the forum and focus them on the topics discussed in the Forum & on the Forum participation as well.

The access to a medical forum is transformed into an experience in itself, since users will access speaker’s bios & photos, video talks, the schedule & so on.

Discover the Immuniverse

The Immunology International Forum website was designed with the target-audience in mind: doctors that will attend the Forum will need to have easy access to all information regarding key speakers, schedule, and also we included in the design a a timeline of everything happening in the Forum.

Because the audience needed to be able to access the website on both web devices but also on iPads, the entire website was structured in such a way that the portal would elegantly fit and be easy-to access from tablets and easy-to-use no matter the device involved.