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The best Lacrosse mobile app

At its core, RipNet helps players score more from every situation. Through scoring data they input and manage, players begin to see for themselves how they’re feeding, shooting and scoring on the field with greater clarity and detail.
Decisions, tendencies, and patterns are calculated and displayed for the player to analyze and internalize. As a result, they better understand how, why and where they score - as well as why they don’t. With this knowledge, the player can modify their game, practice new techniques, become a smarter player and score more on the field.

Make the game fun outside the field

Players offensive skills are further improved by weekly instructional scoring videos that demonstrate how goalies think, anticipate, react and move; where goalies are most vulnerable and the keys to beating them.

RipNet makes the game more fun, on and off the field. Player profiles, friends, feeds, forums, battles, mobile games, leaderboards, players of the week, and the latest news from across the web are a key part of the RipNet experience.

The app grows with you
By dedicating itself first and foremost to the player, RipNet will create value for all in the game. Coaches will get access to team scoring analytics. Parents will contribute to their child’s development. College recruiters will get a better look at more players.

RipNet gives the player more control of their game and their future. By letting them use the tools they love most - ipods, mobile phones and computers - to make themselves a better player.

Nothing beats the feeling of putting it in the net. RipNet helps players do it more often.