technologies used


A fully configurable platform:

As an emerging leader in OTR tire manufacturing business, Eurotire needed a powerful tool to control the highest levels of quality.

Having as a client a company that is being involved with the whole tire life cycle: rubber production, tire manufacturing, distribution and logistics, field engineering, and warranty service, 648 Group DB engineers had to create a fully configurable platform, capable to support every step of the tire life-cycle. The system allows Eurotire's staff to input their field reports in real time or automatically respond to an offer request from anywhere around the world. The Dashboard displays charts with stocks, in transit shipments, warranties from customers or latest news about the industry.


Being an ongoing project with a dedicated team, the list of features is increasing with every reached milestone.

Worldwide sales activities dashboard Gives Eurotire a complete status report for each point of sale. Market overview charts & statistics Displays intuitive graphical representations of the data within the reports.

Real time stock updates
Presents the current situation of each storage location in a detailed manner.

Multi-level user access
Lets Eurotire manage what information is to be displayed for each member of its staff.

Live order tracking
Shows live information regarding status, package location and characteristics for all ongoing requests.