A one-on-one discipleship program
written by Dr. Mike Fabarez



The Partners Program was designed to get you personally connected with a person that can guide you through learning and understanding the ten major themes that are critical for a Christian Life. Based on Biblical principles the initial Partners Manual is a book writen by Pastor Mike Fabarez.

Each chapter in the Partners Workbook becomes the basis for your weekly meetings with your chosen or assigned partner, who has already been through the program. Our job at 648 was to translate this into an online & mobile experience, and to provide anyone then tools to go through the Partners Program in the best and most user-friendly manner possible.

Project analysis

Partners is an app that facilitates the study, alongside a partner (a mentor) of important topics and in-depth resources. For this we have added features such as: the ability to take notes, the added bonus of the Bible panel where users can search & consult the Bible, a collection of Verses from each chapter on the right-hand of the manual, and a separate section organizing all notes, all questions answered & all the in-depth sections from each chapter.

3rd party tools integrations

  • Braintree
  • PayPal
  • Facebook


Our development server was an Apache. We have used Zend Framerowk as a base for the back-end and a customised Bootstrap, HTML, JavaScript based theme for the administration area.

The Marketing website was built using WordPress, and the Manual area is build in PHP, using Zend Framework.



  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • CSS
  • HTML
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery


  • JSON
  • C+
  • Cocoa Touch


  • XML
  • Java

user experience

The user experience had to translate, almost seamlessly, the "One on One" experience into a digital experience.

This means that after you first log-in you can invite a Partner by a few simple clicks.

But we had to keep in mind the fact that a screen or a tablet provide a few challenges when we need to display large amounts of information: we used a custom icon set to underline types of information, a fixed and organised menu, and several ways to navigate through the content for ease-of-access to information.

For the mobile and tablet versions, the design reflects the web version and it keeps true to the minimalist idea that suggests order and clarity.


We decided to dissect the information, and create easily recognizable patterns: questions, in-depth studies, bible verses, descriptions, summaries, and help the user assimilate the content of the manual with as much visual aid as possible, all the while being concerned with making the information stand out.

Another challenge was to present to the user both Manual panel and rest of the tools in a way in which they would be ergonomic and provide them with a quick and easy way to access everything they need: the menus all stay in place, the different areas are interlinked and the design is as minimal as possible to help the users read and understand everything with ease.

backend development

The backend server was developed on Apache servers with the latest PHP and MySQL versions.

The backend contains an XML importer for the Bibles, the CMS that allows the Admin to input the content of the Manual and the private API used to convey information to the mobile Apps.

applications server

The CMS is a powerful tool, that allows input of several types of content: Headings, Paragraph texts, Questions & Answers, Images, Notes etc.

This offers an infinite number of ways to display and format text, and practically allows the content to be formed & forged to follow the needs of the readers, all the while focusing the subject matters and drawing attention to important aspects of the text.

It is extremely easy to use and intuitive, so adding in content is a matter of days for entire books, however complex the books are.

ios application

We have built an awesome search feature, added-in custom icons for custom content types (With your Partner, Questions, Notes etc.), and we have also conveniently integrated four bible translations for four languages that we support: English, Arabic, Spanish and Romanian.

android application

Partners can also be used entirely offline as well. We offer the users of the apps the option to update the apps' content by the tap of a single button, the option to sync their notes to the web version (to the Server database as well), and to any platform they are using in Partners.

Partners is the first application purposefully developped for the new Android Lollipop.

quality assurance

Quality assurance is an important part before delivering the product to the client or before launching an application. it is important that in the first version (even if it is still in Beta) for the app to not crash. For that we use Crashlytics, an app that tracks crashes in the app during the testing period. It is available for both platforms that we develop for and the alerts are easily integrated in Jira, our bug tracking system.

We take this part very seriously! Besides equipping the team with the latest devices on the market, they are part of the project from the beginning, helping defining the use cases for the project. This way, they stay engaged throughout the project!


You can download Partners searching for the apps on the App Store or Google Play. They are publicly available on the stores since their launch.

support & maintenance

We built a support and maintenance plan for the Partners apps that takes into:

  • consideration the fact that Partners will be an ongoing project
  • full support for bugs and errors that may appear on different devices
  • updates for future operating system
  • integration with new and improved 3rd party APIs
  • new features for future releases