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Headquartered in Orange County, our team is delighted to work with the latest technologies on the market when it comes to mobile design services. If you want to have your own, custom made, iPhone/Android application to impress your customers and surprise your competition, then we are ready to help. We are an app development company among the first to start on the market.

iPhone/iPad Applications Development

We have been following the phenomena that has been Apple and iOS from the very beginning. Our extremely talented team is also very passionate about their work and their projects so far showcase exactly that: passion and fine crafting. We are catering to your needs to be available, everywhere. Mobile application development has been our focus since the field was born.

Android Applications Development

Android is a different dimension, it's a way of life that's symbiotic with what online means: liberty, having options and enjoying technology as a means of information. We are also aware the market for this kind of apps is singular and has it's own specifics. That's why we are glad to have a growing team of in-house app developers working on Android.

Hybrid Applications Development (Cross-Platform Apps)

Sometimes the best solution is Hybrid. We acknowledge this, and we are certain that the results will be exactly what our clients need. Cross mobile development certainly has benefits when working on multiple platforms, devices and screen resolutions: the bigger the project, the more complex. For example, we had fun learning and working with PhoneGap, Xamarin, and several other frameworks.

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Reliable technique & expertise

We offer the sum of 15+ years of combined experience, know-how and a team of applications developers, UX specialists and A engineers committed to providing you with the best in performance, design, usability and functionality.

Consultation for Mobile Startups

Startups have special needs, and special ways of dealing with how the project comes to life. We have the tools and the knowledge to take your ideas and make them come to life.

UI and Graphic Design

We like novelty in design, we follow trends and adapt them easily and seamlessly to out client's needs and projects. After having a clear picture about the product's behavior, we focus on implementing the user interface (UI). Our goal during this step is to have a precise representation of what was previously designed by our creative team. Therefore, we begin searching and building the components that best suit the concept and enforce the main attributes.

Mobile Apps Architecture

Mobile devices differ from their larger companions such as desktops and laptops. Our experience helps us navigate the possibilities and make the appropriate choices for your app's structure, layout and user experience so that the architecture we decide together is just right: everything where it needs to be.

Third party tools integration

Any tool you might think would improve the functionality, reporting or debugging of your app: we're happy to integrate. Mixpanel, Crashlytics, Parse, to name just a few. We have worked with them before but we are also open to any suggestions that our clients have. We learn fast and we like to study everything in depth.

Custom RESTful APIs

APIs are more then popular nowadays. Tools are available everywhere and the selection of these tools can prove to become somewhat difficult, especially when you need something specific. In most cases API's just need to be custom-built. We will do this ourselves and with this comes the guarantee that the integration will be seamless.


Atlanta Airport App iFLY

Official app for Atlanta International Airport

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Atlanta Airport App iFLY


Knowledge Base HV Mobile Platform

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A one-on-one discipleship program written by Dr. Mike Fabarez

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1on1 Discipleship Program Partners


Enhanced Dining Experience

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RipNet is a new mobile and web goal scoring technology that helps players of all ages take their game to the next level.

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RipNet Lacrosse

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