ARA Software



technologies used

XHTML,CSS, Adobe Photoshop, Javascript.

A first impression

Localis is a new company that wants to facilitate acces to information for the Romanian internet users.

We are the creators of the entire online presence, from corporate identity to the user interface: Classified advertising, Various information management Systems, Merchants Finder, Booking Services, Job Finder, Freelancing Searches & Contracting, etc.

Building a brand identity

Starting with the logo, that was created by the 648 Design Team, the entire ensemble of visual identity and branding was custom-created to appeal to the business concept presented to us by the customer.

Having the client's target audience in mind, we have created a fresh and clean look keeping in mind a seamless user experience.


Localis has the wish to build a strong and knitted community of people with similar interests and to cater to their needs for social interaction, marketing and service contracting.

Users can create grups, add friends, add favourites, compose wishlists and many more.