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Professional and Fast Responsive Design

We enjoy design, and we produce quality. Weather you need design for a mobile application or a professionally thought-out and designed online identity we know we can do it. Even if your deadline is short. Come visit us at our headquarters from Orange County and check out complete portfolio.

Identity package

Being unique and consistent in your communication is highly recommended, as you need to have a clear and memorable presence. Identity manuals are a must for every company and ought to be done properly. We are keen on finding the solution that suits you best, expressing the most of your company or product values. Moreover, we look for efficient and innovative means to increase the company's visibility among employees and customers.

Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs)

GUIs have a deep impact on how we perceive an application. Desktop, web-based or mobile, all software need an intuitive design to please the eye and turn people into loyal users. Considering the large number of alternatives, the interface may even decide whether the product is a success or a failure. After clearly understanding the product and its target, we identify the most important and most common operations, in order to find ways to make them as accessible as possible, granting the desired results with a minimum amount of effort. Simple and efficient is what we are looking for when face-lifting an application or sketching the look of a new one.

Web design

Its structure, the way information is positioned, graphics, colors and fonts define your online environment, making it unique and unforgettable. The visual impact often decides whether a visitor will browse the website or it will quickly jump to another one. Before even touching the drawing board, we analyze the idea behind your company or product, the purpose and its target. After that, we have brainstorming sessions to define the concept that fits your profile. Finally, we guide our creativity through various processes until we reach the expected outcome.

Promotional materials

One of the main purposes of promotional materials is to catch customer's attention and deliver a clear message. Creativity and efficiency go together here. First of all, we understand what needs to be said, what arguments support the idea, who needs to know what and what others are saying. Then, we create a message and the means to deliver it properly. One of our goals is to engage the users into a dialog and let them express their opinion while interacting with the promoted service or product. 648 Group is able to create integrated promotional campaigns consisting of classical banners, flash and rich media banners in various formats, branded widgets, but also brochures, catalogs, and many other.

Other creative art-works

Upon request 648 Group can create custom fonts, 2D images for backgrounds on desktop/mobile devices, icons and other creative materials.

Up-to-date & modern in every sense

We like novelty in design, we follow trends and adapt them easily and seamlessly to out client's needs and projects.

Responsive design

You may have heard this catch-phrase a lot, at least when it comes to what is in trend. We will dress up your project in the best and most fancy way possible. All the while making sure it looks nice on any device no matter what size.

CSS3, Html5, and more

We know technology is important. We are passionate about everything new. But the extra bit that we offer is that we're not just early adopters: we aim at mastering every bit of it.

Flat design

With new ideologies that strive for maximum usability, flat design enrolls even websites in this effort: letting go of everything users don't actually need and concentrating on a powerful and complete user experience.



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