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Health Organisation website

Opened in 1892, Grady Health System grew up with Atlanta. Perhaps the most known two thing about Grady are their trauma and emergency centers. 2013 was a year that Grady planned an important refresh of their brand, coordinating their media campaign with a brand new website: more comprehensive, with tools to help patients access their services morea easily and with an accent on user experience.

Planned for the patient

Patient package builder

A small but eficient tool, to help patients find their way to Grady and to plan their visit in detail (maps, location lists, etc.).
Find a doctor

Searches by speciality, name, gender and spoken languages - with the added option to search for Primary Care Physician dirrectly.
Other features:

Events calendar, Newsroom, Locations & Directions.


Weather you've planned your visit and are just looking for further directions, or you are simply searching for information about your doctor, Grady Health has a mobile-optimised website.