Monument Valley: A Monument in UI & UX

In previous articles we’ve briefly touched the theme of game design, game user interface and experience. We thought it would be a good idea to dwell a bit more on this subject and see what we could learn from great game design and how these lessons might help brands reach more customers and enrich their online interaction with your brand. …

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Designing for the Vertical Screen

Today, people use their smartphones for purposes beyond what anyone could have imagined 10 or 20 years ago. Taking pictures, high-resolution photos, filming, watching movies, listening to music, all of these things have become sort of a standard pre-requisite of smartphones. We want smartphones with 64GB of memory space, with stable internet connection and speed in processing information and transactions. …

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The Two Languages of Love Between Brands and People

You’ve done your homework, as a brand, impeccably. Beautiful designed website, mobile-focused, amazing interface and user experience, great product packaging and a great selling line for your services, constant social media presence, actively seeking leads. Yet, your brand hasn’t reached its maximum potential; your sales aren’t reaching the peak you’ve expected them to. What’s missing? You might just need to show and speak the language of love. We’re not trying to be cheesy, on the contrary. We want to provide some insightful and practical ways you could make people fall in love all over again with your brand. …

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The Smart Revolution – the revolution that took over the world without anyone noticing it

Our hands, our fingers, our eyes and our minds are so trained to recognize, touch and caress the shape of our smartphones that we do it unconsciously even during the most intense moments in our lives. Mobile has become the most used device in history and we are not talking about calling others, that’s almost outdated. We are talking about people that spend 80% of their online time on their mobile screens, whether they are googling something, livestreaming their lunch, facebook chatting with their relatives, uploading pictures, surfing the web. …

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