technologies used


Online Sports Events Scheduler

E7sports is a company that offers a variety of products & services to help any youth sports group connect with their members while efficiently managing all their organizational data. E7sports requested a custom sport management application that can accomodate different competitions. Our proposal was a SaaS that can not only fit a lot of different competitions but it can juggle with different sports. The application we had proposed has a multiple role management system, a complex scheduler and a complete competion oraginsator. The new application has a fresh look and a lot of new functionalities, among which the following:

Flexible user interface

The interface allows up to 3 or 4 hierarchic levels without any difficulty in navigation and orientation. Several page templates were designed for application screens.
General ownership&permissions system
One area of generalization was an ownership & permissions system that allows the application to prevent unauthorized access to information.
This is especially important for the League System as it was built to support 4 levels of administrative privileges to hierarchical information.

Permissions system & Scheduler

An important piece of software, designed for e7, was the scheduler. It can schedule matches with considering ventures(fields), coaches, referees and dates(weekdays, dates). There are lots of options for matches including manual scheduling, meaning that the matches can be arranged manually within a round.