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648 Group is an Irvine,CA based agency that develops products and solutions for web and mobile platforms. Through its offices opened in US (Los Angeles) and Romania (Bucharest), 648 Group offers premium creative services, web and mobile

development and consulting services. Our client list includes Dell Inc., Farmers Insurance, EuroTire OTR, Demandtec, Samsung, ING, LiveStub, Raiffeisen Group, Ringier Group, Picfo, Creative Technologies and many others.








648 Group is a software company that specializes in premium design
of products and solutions for web and mobile platforms.

The year starts with exciting news as we join Tremend, the company ranked by Deloitte, Inc. and Financial times among the fastest growing software engineering organizations in CEE. This way, our customer can also benefit from their expertise in advanced software engineering and emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, IoT, and Blockchain.


2016 started with a big success as we launched on AppStore & Google Play the Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport App. The iFlyATL app is user oriented and helps travellers navigate as simply as possible through the world's busiest airport.


A great year for our company. New extraordinary people have strengthen our team and amazing clients and projects have been won during this year.


Strengthening our relationships with our partners: Advertising Agencies and Software Companies. We are also expecting to exceed our projected growth for the year.


2009 represents a new step forward as we launched our first web and mobile products on the market.


In 2008 we opened the doors of our US office in Los Angeles greeting new companies interested in our services.


Later on, in 2004, when 648 Group set sail on the shifting waves of the Internet, more pixel fanatics and code-line devotees joined the cause to develop more ambitious projects.


We trace our roots back to the year 2000, when a group of bold Internet enthusiasts decided to form a company specialised in premium web and mobile platforms.



This is our dedicated management team who work day-in and day-out together
to bring our clients the most amazing projects for a digitally connected world.

Latest development from 648Group

Monument Valley: A Monument in UI & UX

In previous articles we’ve briefly touched the theme of game design, game user interface and experience. We thought it would be a good idea to dwell a bit more on this subject and see what we could learn from great game design and how these lessons might help brands reach more customers and enrich their online interaction with your brand. Visually, Monument Valley has all the qualities of a masterpiece. Decades from now on, when people will look back at the games created at the beginning of the 21st century they will rediscover Monument Valley and consider it a classic in game design, due to its friendly, minimalist interface, beautiful gradients that add depth to each level and the intuitive details added to subtly guide you through the game. …

Designing for the Vertical Screen

Today, people use their smartphones for purposes beyond what anyone could have imagined 10 or 20 years ago. Taking pictures, high-resolution photos, filming, watching movies, listening to music, all of these things have become sort of a standard pre-requisite of smartphones. We want smartphones with 64GB of memory space, with stable internet connection and speed in processing information and transactions. …

The Two Languages of Love Between Brands and People

You’ve done your homework, as a brand, impeccably. Beautiful designed website, mobile-focused, amazing interface and user experience, great product packaging and a great selling line for your services, constant social media presence, actively seeking leads. Yet, your brand hasn’t reached its maximum potential; your sales aren’t reaching the peak you’ve expected them to. What’s missing? You might just need to show and speak the language of love. We’re not trying to be cheesy, on the contrary. We want to provide some insightful and practical ways you could make people fall in love all over again with your brand. …


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