Knowledge Base HV Mobile Platform.



The Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement (TAVR) is a relatively new technology in medical science which is a less invasive method of replacing the heart valve without undergoing the conventional by-pass surgery. Our customer needed a way to convey information, to educate and to promote their technology and the ensuing knowleadge base in a digital, portable format.

The information is directed towards doctors, nurses, patients and potential patients that are possible candidates for the Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement.

The need for information is high, both for the medical staff and for the patients and their families.

The apps needed to be as versatile as possible, so we decided to build native apps: iOS & Android. But also, the client needed to encompass a large amount of content, in several formats, for it to be easily modifiable and categorized, and most importantly, to be available offline.


Listen better. Plan better. Build better.



  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • CSS
  • HTML
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery


  • JSON
  • C+
  • Cocoa Touch


  • XML
  • Java

3rd party integrations

  • Afnetworking
  • Localytics
  • Hockeyapp
  • Crashlytics


backend development

applications server

Following a customer's specific request we have developped the webserver starting with a Wordpress installation, and customising it to fit the needs for different content categories and types, the registration and unique access keys used to give users access to the apps, and by adding a customised API (web-service) to relay all the information towards the mobile apps.

Content within the app is manageable and always up to date, and our customer has a great way of keeping track of all their information & data about content and users.

ios application

The iOS TAVR app is native build, and follows the development guidelines very carefully. Two UI versions have been implemented to take advantage of the extra real-estate that the iPad offers, but we followed the consistency over the branding style guide.

The iOS version has both an iPad version and an iPhone version.

android application

TAVR Android is also a native Android App, and we have made all the neccesary customizations that are expected from an Android app: the action bar was movedto the top, the back buttons have been removed and so on.

The Android TAVR app contains only a smartphone version for the moment, but since the app is a continuous project we are considering adding in a tablet version in a future development stage.

One feature we needed to think through and tweak along the way was the ability to download files seamlessly, as the application needs to be completely available offline. Thinking about all types of internet connection speeds and wanting to minimize the waiting time, we have built.

quality assurance

During our discovery process we create a QA plan for each part of the app: web, web-service, iOS and Android.

For TAVR the only important difference was that the Android app does not contain a tablet component, unlike the iOS version, otherwise everything in the QA department is generally a clock-work machinery.


The apps will be publicly available on the AppStore and on Google Play for download. Registration and use of the apps will be, however limited to a select user-base.

Edwards Lifesciences will issue unique identification codes - valid for to uses only, to restrict the numer of devices a person can install the apps on.

support & maintenance

We built a support and maintenance plan for the TAVR app that included:

  • Full support for bugs and errors that may appear on different devices.
  • Updates for future operating systems.
  • Integration with new and improved 3rd party tools.
  • Future release stages to cover new features & improvements.