Maverick Signings





technologies used

Responsive design, CSS, XHTML, JAVA Script, JQuerry, HTML5, PHP, Zend Framework, MySQL.

Automotive Signings

Aside from the CRM, 648 Group has also created a new identity for the customer, consisting of: a new visual identity & a new logo and their new Marketing Website. 

Maverick Signings offers the highest level of security available when contracts are signed offsite. 
648 group has built an incredibly complex system for Mavericks that currently manages the customer's entire activity, covering their activity all across the USA.

The CRM addresses multiple user types: notaries, dealerships & schedulers, allowing them to process a signing starting with the order and up to the point where the final documents are delievered by registering the tracking number of the delievery back to the final car owner.

CRM Features

Google maps integration
Notaries can be assigned via a map by proximity to the location of the person he needs to travel to. Schedulers can find out this way which of the available notaries is closest.

QuickBooks integration
The system tracks all the information and syncs everything back to QuickBooks for better accuracy & safety of information.

Internal communication
The users can communicate with each other based on status (schedulers to notaries and to dealers) via an internal notes system. There are private and public notes sent out on various stages of an order, to better communicate and asses everything during the completion of a signing.

Reports module

The Reports module is a powerful tool that allows the users to create custom reports based on predefined fields or from the Advanced Reports tab to create reports based on complex filters and groupings.

With a click of a button Maverick can find the exact number of new dealers and notaries they signed partnerships with in a selected timeframe and analyze the growht of their company.

The reports module became a key tool for Mavericks sales and operations departments due to increased efficiency. The product allows to focus on key opportunities and issues thus outperforming their competitors.