technologies used

Responsive design, CSS, XHTML, JAVA Script, JQuerry, HTML5, PHP, Zend Framework, MySQL, Raspberry PI, nginx

MSS: a force multiplier, anywhere & anytime

Allvuz MSS provide “eyes and ears” with the ability to monitor and record what is happening in real time. Utilizing video, audio and sensor capabilities, MSS users using multiple units can have a large outdoor area under video, audio and sensor surveillance temporarily or for an unlimited amount of time.

This allows law enforcement, security, medical or event staff the ability to monitor a given area more efficiently, effectively and less costly than ever before. The MSS is a force multiplier for law enforcement, event, medical, security or any other authorized personnel responsible for the security and safety of the general public or group of people in an open venue.


Live preview: Displays the live feeds from all deployed and operating cameras. Each camera will transmit both live video and information such as: 

  - Location, status & power information

  - Camera details like: on-location temperature, Current information, Alarms & LED State. 

Map location with all deployed MSS devices. 

Playback on all cameras, with information on location & duration of footage.

Alerts: on unit shut-down, motion detecting, low voltage, temperature decrease, GPS movement detection.


Network setup, camera setup, video stream, image stream, alerts, user management, unit location.