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RipNet – Questions and Answers

If you represent a company in need of mobile services in Orange County or anywhere in California (and not only) or if you are an athlete seeking more information about RipNet, a mobile app developed by our web and mobile apps company, you are in the right place. We’ve chosen what we consider to be the most likely concerns of our visitors in order to offer the much needed answers.

What is the purpose of RipNet?

The purpose of the app we developed is to help lacrosse players improve their game thanks to a multitude of features, no matter their current level.

Can the app be synchronized to the website?

We programmed them to work as one; the only difference at this point is that a user has a few more options on the website.

Will RipNet be further more developed or will it remain in the same stage from now on?

We plan to work hard in order to improve the app. The players/users will soon benefit of more tools and more features when it comes to social networking. In the near future we plan to offer some feature to parents of lacrosse players, teams and colleges.

What mobile interfaces should be used with RipNet?

RipNet can be used with both iOS and android.

How does the Analytics feature work?

Once a player enters his goals and scores, the system starts analyzing the data in order to offer complete information further. This is useful for the user himself, in order to step up his game, but also to his friends and, soon, to recruiters.

What information does the Analytics feature offers?

There are currently 25 pre-reports that the player can use to analyze his game: shooting, feeding, scoring. Based on this, he can see what are his assets and his flaws and improve his skills.

Is the information in Analytics public?

The information found in this feature is confidential. However, at some point this will become one of the most important options included in this mobile app for those who desire to build a career in sports, as the information may be shared with professionals in the domain, as college recruiters.

Is there a reporting option in RipNet, considering this also to be a social network?

Yes, RipNet includes a Report button in order to make it easy for users to flag or complain about bullying, improper language and behavior. All the players who use the app can use it in order to report to RipNet the inappropriate content, which is analyzed and removed if necessary.

RipNet is one of the projects we happily oblige to improve as time goes by, as our 648 Group team believes in professionalism, excellence and fair-play, attributes easy to test thanks to our rich mobile development and design portfolio.


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