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Mobile development and design in 2014

The mobile medium is permanently evolving, so no wonder 2014 is expected with interest by developers and users. Having both of these categories in our offices, it was not hard decide that it is time to write a piece on the changes and trends that will conquer both teams in the year unfolding in front of our eyes.

It was clear since last year that one of the most important trends is the responsive design. And why is that? Well, thanks to a study made last summer in the United States, it was made clear that Americans love smartphones, as 61% of the population owns at least one. Day by day, the line separating the mobile and the desktop experience becomes more and more unclear.

Another important issue to consider this year is the fact that both Android and iOS have a high influence on the world of design and development. Companies finally understood how important it is to help users interact with them in a simple manner and they are investing money in building apps that will not only ensure they form a stronger bond with their customers thanks to excellent client services, but will also strengthen their online reputation.

A new approach is also considered for content. As Google cannot stop playing tricks to spammers with constant updates on its algorithms, it was established that content is king. So content will dominate on websites, making the design simpler and forcing the developers to embrace this change.

No wonder flat design is a must in 2014, right? iOS 7 already introduced it and more and more brands that decided on a redesign opted out of false 3D components and welcomed a modern and fresh version of the two dimensional screen. Minimalism is trending right now and one of the reasons this happens is that it looks great when it comes to mobile design.

Parallax scrolling changed everything when it appeared in 2011. And will dominate the whole year ahead of us. Designers love it because it offers so much freedom of movement and much more control of the space.

Large buttons are also trending this year thanks to the great growth of the mobile domain. The tendency is to make things work easier for mobile users. Mobile apps development companies understand how important it is for this category of users not to struggle when using websites or apps. This is why easy to spot buttons are a must in 2014. Users feel more comfortable and less frustrated thanks to them and tend to return to websites offering them easy access, making, thus, more business for the company.

As you can see, it is very important to foresee what your clients need. This why our team dedicates time and effort to offer the best web services and the most efficient solutions.


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