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Concerned with the mobile growth? Check these statistics!

Last year, more and more people began leaving their comfort zones, learning more and embracing new technologies and this was easy to observe thanks to the huge growth that the mobile domain registered through 2013 and that will continue (in even more important numbers) in 2014. This is why, as a business owner or manager, it is very important for you to notice what your clients need and desire and offer them. This way, you will strengthen your relationship with them, an important thing that you will observe it easily translate in your profits.

And now, let’s check some numbers you need to know and use in your advantage:

71 – as in 71% of all the activity taking place on Facebook is made with the help of mobile devices. Facebook itself released this important piece of information that is utterly important for any business which needs to use the internet.

115 – 115%, this is the growth of the overall mobile use over last year, according to data released by Flurry Analytics. Growth was registered in absolutely all categories of apps, but those facilitating messaging were the most successful all over the world. Social apps, like WhatsApp, KakaoTalk or SnapChat benefit of great attention right now. More than this, WeChat, another messaging app, helped Chinese mobile manufacturer Xiaomi sell about 150,000 smartphones in less than 10 minutes, as the product sold was developed especially for those who it for chatting through this app.

67.6 – 67.6% is the number that indicated the growth of time spent by Android smartphones users in the Groupon app last year on Black Friday in comparison to 2012’s Black Friday. Apps offer a great shopping experience; Groupon took advantage of the fact and won, having huge revenue thanks to this important option offered to its clients.

80 – 80% of the people in our country use their mobiles to shop. This shouldn’t come as a surprise, but still, you need to use this information in your advantage. For example, in order to build their online reputation, many companies offer free goodies to users who choose to interact with them through Facebook or Foursquare apps.

78 – 78% of the retailers allocated budget for mobile development this year. Thanks to all the changes surrounding us, keeping up is crucial. If people are willing to spend money on your products or services online, why not ease the efforts they make?

70 – 70% of the mobile searches lead to action in the course of 60 minutes. Mobile users are people on the go. They are people of action, those that need something and want to achieve it A.S.A.P... You need to meet their needs and sell them what they need when they need it.

It may be funny, but in the world people own more mobile devices than toothbrushes. This is not just mind blowing, but also an important fact to think about while planning your marketing strategy and choosing your partner for this road.


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