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Tracing the improvements of RipNet

As mentioned some time ago, from our point of view, RipNet is an app in continuous improvement, one that we are very proud of and that we consider extremely useful for lacrosse players, no matter their age or experience. The objective of the app we built is to help passionate players take their game to a whole new level. More than this, for those who desire to build a career in the domain, using a tool like this is essential, in order to keep track of their goals and learn how to improve their skills.

RipNet is not a usual app, it’s an app that helps athletes turn into professionals and become better in this game after each match. The videos and the analytics are great and can be used to prepare the player for any possible situation. Of course, his attitude and moves on the field are not constrained and it’s totally up to him to take RipNet seriously in order to develop his abilities.

However, the 648 team did its best in order to constantly improve the mobile app and to make it work in perfect connection alongside  the website, which was also designed with the purpose of helping those active in the lacrosse world, players, coaches and not only. Since the app was first out on the market, we did some improvements  that you should know about, especially if you are curious about the programming part behind the system:

  • On January 9, 2013 we launched the 2.2 version, with minor enhancements in what regards designs and usability;

  • Version 2.3 came out less than a month later, with user experience improvements and Facebook and Twitter integration. This was a huge step as from there on, players were able to connect with each other and to communicate easier with teammates or other players of lacrosse;

  • Version 2.4 was released a few days before the end of February (2013) and came with updates for the social networks integration. “Play of the Day” appeared in the same day in order to keep users updated with the latest in what concerns deals, equipment and events related to lacrosse;

  • On March 15, 2013, more How to Score videos were updated, thus, attracting new users and making the game even easier for those already accustomed to the app. A new section with all the hot lacrosse sites was online, so the app fans find it much easier to start all their lacrosse browsing from this app thanks to the great information at their disposal. Websites like Inside Lacrosse, Lax Allstars, Laxbuzz and Lacrosse Playground were a touch away;

  • The 2.6 version of RipNet appeared last year in May. The user experience was brought to a whole new level as those that used the app became able to share personal pictures and videos and links directly from their feed. They also became using the Gallery feature in order to keep visual tracks of their games.

  • Finally, one of the most important and recent updates we want to mention is the one that introduced the Full Scoring Analytics in the 2.7 RipNet app. Thanks to this, any user can analyze his shots and goals and decide which is the best strategy to adopt in order to raise the bar.

We are very enthusiastic when it comes to this project and we are happy to help in the creation of a close-knit online lacrosse community, but there is a certain detail we need to mention in order to help parents and coaches from the lacrosse field understand how important is for us to make this app really useful. All kids under 13 cannot access the social features of RipNet in order to keep their focus on the training and the game.

For more information on the techniques and solutions involved in the creation and development of this app, please contact our office in Los Angeles, California.


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