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The Two Languages of Love Between Brands and People

Being needed is the most valuable asset a brand can have. So either you provide a service, a product, app, experience that is needed, or success will tend to avoid your business (of course, sometimes people don’t actually know that they need what you have to offer until they hear about it).

But how do you take your brand from just another one amongst dozen others that provide almost the same products and services and make it the brand that people must have? Or at least feel that way.

You’ve done your homework, as a brand, impeccably. Beautiful designed website, mobile-focused, amazing interface and user experience, great product packaging and a great selling line for your services, constant social media presence, actively seeking leads. Yet, your brand hasn’t reached its maximum potential; your sales aren’t reaching the peak you’ve expected them to. What’s missing? You might just need to show and speak the language of love. We’re not trying to be cheesy, on the contrary. We want to provide some insightful and practical ways you could make people fall in love all over again with your brand.



  1. Design

Don’t you just love it when something is brilliantly functional while also pertaining that visual quality that makes us exclaim: beautiful? People love beautiful things. There’s an itch in everyone of us that makes us search for things that masterfully created and artfully arranged. Truth be told the itch is stronger in some than others, but that search for beautiful design is there, because beautiful design, a mindful interface or a careful created visual experience, all of these things inspire care. And people fall for brands that care even for a small detail as how their app works and looks. This is why, at least from our point of view, love is visual and one of the languages of love is masterful created design.


  1. Trust

Fortunately, or unfortunately, depending on how you do business, here everything depends on you. If you can’t deliver quality products or services, if your app or website or online platform is not reliable, no matter how good looking your web-page or user interface is, you’ll lose your clients trust. There’s no way around it.

But if you do provide reliable services, constant attention and care for your clients, they’ll become your… friends and they’ll do what friends do: recommend you to others, wear you in public, brag with you to their other friends and show off. Because you speak the second language of love: trust. If you want to speak it fluently you’ll have to do this one thing: work harder to gain your client's’ trust and with it their admiration and love.


Now, when talking about trust there’s one more way to get to the heart of your customers. You might call it a shortcut to success. Or to failure if you don’t provide at least the quality standard in your domain. What we’re talking about are digital influencers. You know, the people that everyone wants to be friends with and in the the social media era we live in it’s important

Digital influencers are a different type of friend. They are the people that everyone wants to be friends with. In the social media era we live in it’s quite important to have someone with online visibility and credibility to represent/recommend your brand. Most large brands have drifted towards them, replacing endorsers with instagram or youtube influencers (think of Apple, or Starbucks, or your favorite coffee brand and how many people with quite a large following tag and post pictures with the brands in their posts). So why not try and leverage this social media stardom to your advantage? Why not try and integrate in your social media strategy the help and creativity of one such endorser, or “online friend”?

But before you do this, just think for a few moments, or better more for a few days and discuss with your team and your digital people the next 3 questions.


  1. Is your product/content shareable, instagramable?

Is it good enough to be worth a share on facebook? Look at your brand and what it offers as objectively as possible. Does it look good enough? Remember, design is one of the two languages of love brands need to speak. Does it help, like really resolve a problem for your clients? Is it reliable? Second language of love: create trust. People will share things that are useful and look great.


  1. Do you know who the opinion leaders are in your domain?

It’s important to know the people that with an Instagram post can make or break your deal (or at least influence a great number of people to choose your app or the competitions). It sounds dramatic. It probably is. But the truth is the better you know the likes and dislikes of leaders of opinion in your online circle the better you can optimize your offer towards them.


  1. How large is your budget?

This isn’t a take or leave it question. You don’t need huge budgets to be able to gain influencers endorsements. If you speak the language of love well enough you might just get away with some personalized offers, a lower fee, or even free media coverage.


We know that most of what you’ve read in this article is quite theoretical, but the truth is that each brand needs to optimize its own online strategy and approach. We only hope that these guidelines can help you reach the best digital influencers for your brand.

What we can help you with is creating an online visual presence for your brand, whether it’s a web platform or digital app, that could attract the eye of the people you want to talk about your brand. For more, you can check our portfolio.



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