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The Smart Revolution – the revolution that took over the world without anyone noticing it

Smartphones and Behaviour Design

Imagine the next situations:

You’re in a coffee shop sipping your latte and you hear a great song in the speakers above. Immediately your hand slides into your pocket, your fingers instinctively unlock your smartphone and you open your shazam app.

You’re driving home from work and the traffic is simply unbearable. You instantly check the fastest route on waze.

You watch a movie on Netflix and the moment there’s a boring part you access your facebook feed. Hanging out with your friends? That deserves an instalive.

It’s not that hard to imagine because it’s all too familiar for the smartphone user.






Our hands, our fingers, our eyes and our minds are so trained to recognize, touch and caress the shape of our smartphones that we do it unconsciously even during the most intense moments in our lives.

Mobile has become the most used device in history and we are not talking about calling others, that’s almost outdated. We are talking about people that spend 80% of their online time on their mobile screens, whether they are googling something, livestreaming their lunch, facebook chatting with their relatives, uploading pictures, surfing the web.

Our society is an increasingly mobile centered society. Mobile-focused design is not a trend anymore, it’s the standard. With all the statistics pouring out everyday from large publications and qualified national and international studies we can only wonder why so many businesses ignore the facts and prefer to be steps behind their consumers?


Smartphones conquering the world. A bit of raw data

What we are going to show you next is nothing more than data that is easily available through a few google searches, but it’s mostly only viewed and cared for by the digital savvy. So, we thought it might be a great idea to make it easily available in one place - saves up your time and makes a great argument for us.


  • people in US, as of August 2016, spend on average 87 hours / month browsing on their smartphones, according to comScore Mobile Metrix, use a Smartphone.

  • Growth of time spent on mobile since 2008, has increased from 12% to 51% in 2015. The shift from desktop to mobile happening at the end of 2013 and beginning of 2014. Stats from KPCB

  • 90% of time on mobile is spent in Apps


And if you want to know where the real fun is, just follow the trail of money.

Mobile Ad spending has increased from 28.7 billions in 2015 to almost 50 billion dollars now in 2017. It’s still on the rise.

Also, internet usage on mobile has been on an ascending trend from the day the first smartphone was launched. No wonder smartphones have integrated so easily in our lifestyle, to the point that it has become a natural extension of our body and mind.


Knowledge is power.

You know the saying. Knowledge is the only kind of power that matters if you want to reign in the digital age, but in order to make it work, you need to know how to harness it.


Knowing all of this is power, if you understand how to harness the behavioral data into products that are relevant for your customers in order to create engaging mobile experiences for them. Because mobile design is not a trend anymore, it’s the standard if you want to reach your audience in an engaging, experience-filled way.






Brands and marketers need to adapt in order to thrive. Most social media apps are leading the game in innovative thinking. Facebook with its news-centered newsfeed, Instagram with its product shop centered posts for businesses - are just a few examples of keeping one step ahead.


The question that we should ask yourself is how can you play the same game and win. We can only think of two major things to do.

1.       Stop considering mobile design a trend.

2.       Start investing in mobile design.


It’s not easy to suddenly reshape an entire website or online experience, but in the medium run (not even the long one) it’ll be your advantage as a business to be easily accessible to your clients, to be able to be so close to them that you’ll be kept in their pocket every single day - as a beautifully and functionally designed app in their pocket.


Mobile design stands for more than smartphones. It encompasses all mobile devices currently used and to come (more and more brands are looking for creative ways in branding VR experiences – from game designers to car brands). But you already know all that. So why not accept the challenge and harness the power of mobile design, by keeping up with your own customers, and why not even surprise them with some innovative mobile-based approach. By the way, we can help you with that.








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