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The Launch of www.gradyhealth.org

One of the projects we are very fond of is the one concerning Grady Memorial Hospital, for which our team has worked to offer one of the most beautiful and practical works of responsive design made in Orange County. We are very proud of the result; this is why we’re keen on sharing some details.

Grady Memorial Hospital is one of the main medical centers existing now in Georgia. It represents the dream of a journalist, and not that of a doctor, as many tend to believe. Henry W. Grady was working for the Atlanta Constitution at the end on the 19th century and he was one of the people truly concerned by the quality of the health care services offered to the poor living in the city. This is why he did his best to bring his vision to life and on June 1, 1892, the hospital opened, with 110 beds and one operating room.

Despite its start, as a little hospital, in time it developed to be one of the most important medical centers existing on the territory of our country and in present, Grady Memorial Hospital offers its services to all the people in the community who need health care.

This project reached 648 Group through MN&P Agency, an agency that deems itself as “Creating the world’s smartest”, something we need to agree with, as during the whole work process we maintained a very good collaboration and communication, reflected in the final result.

2013 is the year we accepted the challenge of working with MN&P Agency in order to help them offer a fresh start with a better image and improved services to the website of Grady Memorial Hospital. The complete brand, known as Grady Health System, has developed through the years and matured in the same time as the city. However, this was the year when the management decided to offer the patients all the tools they need in order to access the hospital’s services easily. We started this project with them in our minds and the goal of offering them the best user experience when it comes to dealing with the website of a hospital.

The technologies we used in our work are those we often use when a client contracts us for web services in Orange County: PHP, CSS, CMS, HTML, MySQL, Javascript and Zend Framework. Our developers and designers did their best and put all their effort into creating a good product, a website that is easy to use while it also maintains a pleasant design.

In order to help patients reach Grady Memorial Hospital fast and easy, we added some tools that are very useful for them to find the desired building, a certain doctor, a specialist who speaks a certain language, all the directions they need and other options. All these features have the sole purpose to ease the experience of the patient with the hospital online.

We are very proud of our work and delighted to announce that the site of Grady Memorial Hospital was a finalist in the 2013 OMMA awards offered for website excellence.


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