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Successful AppStore & Google Play Launch for Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport App

We are very happy to announce that the date of 22 March 2016 was the successful confirmation of many months of planning, development and testing for the official application for the Hartsfield Jackson International Airport Official Application. 
The Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport is the world's busiest airport by passenger traffic since 1998, transited by over 260.000 passengers daily and accommodating 950,119 flights a year. The sheer magnitude of this city-inside-a-city requires a multitude of tools to keep in check traffic, but also to aid in traveling through it and enjoying the airport-experience. 
The iFlyATL app, built by 648 Group is user oriented and helps travelers navigate as simply as possible through the huge and humming airport.
It was a big project that had to be developed over 4 platforms, according to customer needs & best practices in the business: ASP.Net for the Custom CMS app, Objective-C for iOS and Java for Android, together with a desktop app for the Push Notification. Involving teams spanning across the US and Europe (the software development team is based in Bucharest - Romania), this is the combined success of the joint effort from its inception to its launch. 
The app combines beautifully the well defined user experience with innovative features like boarding countdown, shops and dine easy finding, state of the art gallery tours, as well as the standard features for an airport app, like the the flight information, airlines, security wait times, just to name a few. The CMS allows all the concessionaires to update their products to power the search feature, their menus and all of their profile information.
The app is available for download on the AppStore and Google Play, and can now be enjoyed by everyone. Following the embedded links will allow you to download the apps on your iPhone on Android phone. 
We'd like to thank our partners at Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport for committing to such a project, and entrusting us with the development. Also we would like to congratulate the development team for the marathon they have completed with such force in developing this amazing app. 
Happy traveling everyone, we trust it will be so if you are using the iFly Atlanta app!



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