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Redesign and continuous improvement for a project we love: AlignMed

It’s not very usual that a client knows from the start what services he needs to contract from a company offering web services, in California. However, the management team of AlignMed took us by surprise from the start.

But before telling you more about their new and innovative site, let us tell you more about the company: a leader in the apparel sector, it begun revolutionizing this field in 2006. AlignMed creates products that can improve poor posture and relieve the pain that comes with ilnesses associated with it. In order to create the best items on this niche of the market, science and testing are mixed for excellent results. The company fully understands the need of qualitative apparel of this kind and uses a large range of independent tests in order to offer buyers products that improve the mechanical and neurological functions of their bodies, without forgetting about aesthetics. This way, bodies look, perform and feel better.

Regarding our collaboration, the team from AlignMed was as determined to re-fresh the online image of the company as it always is in offering their clients good and healthy products. This is why we knew from the start what is expected from us: a new, improved, innovative and, of course, responsive design for the website, a practical and easy to use e-commerce platform and continuous assistence when it comes to the back-end for a highly qualitative performance.

Redesigning the site of a company like AlignMed was a challenge we were happy and ready to embrace. It does not happen everyday to have the chance to work with world leaders in patented posture products, this is why we were keen from the start in doing our best efforts to offer the company a great website. For this, we were glad to use Magento, one of the best e-commerce web applications available, a tool which our team has no difficulties using. Thanks to this, the online store of AlignMed functions properly at all times, without any bugs or errors.

One of the details we really want to mention once again is that AlignMed represents a group of people aware of the importance of keeping up with the technology, so, no wonder the team decided to trust our full support for back-end changes and constant improvement that can be brought to its website.

We are grateful for the opportunity of working with AlignMed and pleased to be a part of this project.



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