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Developing Solid Partnerships For Powerful Branding: 648 Group and McCann PR

As of last year, 648 Group is proud partner of the MCCANNPR agency headquartered in Romania. This exclusive partnership is focused on a complete and well-rounded set of digital solutions delivered by 648 Group for MCCANNPR, from consultancy and estimation all the way to execution. …

Five lacrosse experts’ opinion on RipNet

When it comes to RipNet, we could say that there are two teams: the programmers and the users.

Here, at 648 Group, we work to develop the best solutions for mobile apps like RipNet, but we could not successfully accomplish our tasks without having help from the opposite team – the users. And each and every time we come up with updates, ideas or solutions we need expert advice. Thanks to a close-knit relationship we developed with professionals in the lacrosse field we are able to make our best efforts in order to offer users a completely functional app, with useful features and impressive analytics options.

From our point of view, RipNet is the app a lacrosse player should use in order to conquer success in this sport, but as we cannot rely just on our opinions, as we are those that created it. So, we asked five experts in the field how is the experience of using the mobile app and the site we developed and designed in order to change their game, improve their skills and learn more on how to score better with each match. And here are the answers we received from lacrosse professionals that are currently using the product we built.

Concerned with the mobile growth? Check these statistics!

Last year, more and more people began leaving their comfort zones, learning more and embracing new technologies and this was easy to observe thanks to the huge growth that the mobile domain registered through 2013 and that will continue (in even more important numbers) in 2014. This is why, as a business owner or manager, it is very important for you to notice what your clients need and desire and offer them. This way, you will strengthen your relationship with them, an important thing that you will observe it easily translate in your profits.

And now, let’s check some numbers you need to know and use in your advantage:

71 – as in 71% of all the activity taking place on Facebook is made with the help of mobile devices. Facebook itself released this important piece of information that is utterly important for any business which needs to use the internet.

RipNet – Questions and Answers

If you represent a company in need of mobile services in Orange County or anywhere in California (and not only) or if you are an athlete seeking more information about RipNet, a mobile app developed by our web and mobile apps company, you are in the right place. We’ve chosen what we consider to be the most likely concerns of our visitors in order to offer the much needed answers.

What is the purpose of RipNet?

The purpose of the app we developed is to help lacrosse players improve their game thanks to a multitude of features, no matter their current level.

Can the app be synchronized to the website?

We programmed them to work as one; the only difference at this point is that a user has a few more options on the website.

Will RipNet be further more developed or will it remain in the same stage from now on?

We plan to work hard in order to improve the app. The players/users will soon benefit of more tools and more features when it comes to social networking. In the near future we plan to offer some feature to parents of lacrosse players, teams and colleges.

Mobile development and design in 2014

The mobile medium is permanently evolving, so no wonder 2014 is expected with interest by developers and users. Having both of these categories in our offices, it was not hard decide that it is time to write a piece on the changes and trends that will conquer both teams in the year unfolding in front of our eyes. …

The Kindle App – why we use it

We run a company offering services of app development in California, however, this does not mean we aren’t users and admirers of other apps available on the market. One of our favorites is the Kindle app, built for avid readers and book lovers.

Tracing the improvements of RipNet

As mentioned some time ago, from our point of view, RipNet is an app in continuous improvement, one that we are very proud of and that we consider extremely useful for lacrosse players, no matter their age or experience. …

Focal Point Radio Ministries Brand New Website

When we were contacted by Compass Bible Church (the congregation was at that time looking for a California company offering mobile apps development and web services) for collaboration some time ago, we never imagined how important this was going to become. …

Redesign and continuous improvement for a project we love: AlignMed

But before telling you more about their new and innovative site, let us tell you more about the company: a leader in the apparel sector, it begun revolutionizing this field in 2006. AlignMed creates products that can improve poor posture and relieve the pain... …

A project in continuous development: RipNet

Lacrosse and RipNet are very similar and not just because RipNet is an app used by lacrosse players (mainly) who want to improve their skills and technique. Basically, behind both concepts is the idea of developing a certain product in order to make it better...

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