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Maverick Signings – always fast, secure and accurate – soon with an improved online presence

Maverick Signings is one of the clients whose image we are working in improving, targeting not just the external audience of the company, but also the internal one, the people working day by day in the business. Identity theft is a problem that can appear in almost any domain, however, the team of experts working at Maverick specialized in automotive, notary and mortgage. And because simply offering qualitative services is not enough, the company chose us, 648 Group, in their quest for rebranding. Searching for a creative and reliable team, with experience in both front end and back end development and a large range of web services offered in Orange County, we were those that suited the description best.

The new generation of clients, used to staying connected at all times and finding all the information needed online is the main target Maverick Signings needs to address. This is why, our teams joined in order to talk about a desired rebranding strategy, meant to bring the company closer to the people in constant need of its services. The responsive design of the improved website is one of its many great features, as now, the online home of Maverick Signings will be easy to check from any device the user might own. Social Media was not forgotten either in the strategy, the buttons for all the important networks being inserted in the footer and accompanied by a persuasive invitation to stay in touch. The new look of the website is professional and clear, pleasant to see and easy to access even from smart phones or tablets.

As mentioned before, for Maverick Signings, the employees are another important target that will benefit of major improvements in their work once the new site is launched. This is because one of the most important requests made towards our team was to improve the whole backend infrastructure, coming up with a custom CRM that will make the work process and communication easier between Maverick Signings and its clients.

Both parties, employees and clients of Maverick Signings will benefit greatly thanks to all these changes. On one side, the team of the company will profit of a better internal system and on the other side, the clients will be able to visit an easy to use website, accessible from any gadget they might use.

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