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Focal Point Radio Ministries Brand New Website

When we were contacted by Compass Bible Church (the congregation was at that time looking for a California company offering mobile apps development and web services) for collaboration some time ago, we never imagined how important this was going to become.

As we mentioned earlier, one of the projects we take pride in is The Prayer Journal, a platform easy to use by the Christians attending this church, located in our state, more precisely in Orange County’s Aliso Viejo. Thanks to a great idea of Pastor Mike Fabarez, Focal Point was born. During a radio broadcast back in 1998, he expressed his desire to make the words of God, from the Bible, easier to understand for all the church members. So, which solution proved to be the best in this day and age? A website, of course.

Focal Point now serves people whom, thanks to it, have access to wonderful resources free of charge consisting of reading materials, radio programs, sermons, devotionals, mp3s, videos and others. And it has a wonderful achievement: it now serves millions, and not just the congregation of Compass Bible Church. Its mission is to provide to the audience accurate Bible teaching for people who need to be close to God.

When we started working with Focal Point, we immediately realized the huge effort behind this project, one they so gracefully managed for so many years now, this is why we completely understood their desire to have a site easy to manage. We are keen to offer practical solutions when it comes to the web services we offer and we agreed with the idea of developing a custom solution on top of the Wordpress platform.

The site also includes an e-commerce platform, to make it easier for those that need to purchase some items that are not free, like books, CDs and DVDs to shop directly from Focal Point, the perfect place to enjoy a large deal of resources that any Christian can benefit from.

One of the advantages of the site, not just from the point of view of the manager, but from that of the regular user is the option to create an account from which a series of practical features can be easily managed. Through this, one can handle a playlist of sermons, to save in order to listen at a convenient time, a reading list for devotionals that can also be shared, an online Bible, to look for verses easily while using the playlist or reading and a daily Bible reading option. This last one was especially created to help all Christians get to know the Bible while reading daily passages from the Old and the New Testament.

Until present, the website the whole 648 Group worked on has been greatly received and proved to be useful, as the feedback we received (and which made us happy) was positive.



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