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Dell project has been successfully completed

We have been silent, but not unfruitful. Six months ago, Dell Inc. and Farmers Insurance have contacted us for a large project. We have been honored to find out that we have been chosen to design and develop for such important names in the business, a project we were so interested and keen to start work on.

What did they have in mind? A complex asset management system which would track, in real time, all the processes regarding assets, from acquisition to recycling.

Dell and Farmers have provided us with a great team to assist us with clarification and proofing, while we have assembled a team of designers and ASP.Net professionals to get the job done properly. We have put aside the first 2 weeks to clarify certain parts of the documentation.

After the team understood the concept, the design phase began. While the wireframes and the design were being crafted, our engineers have been busy working on the database architecture and on the core of the platform.

The implementation phase began shortly after the design had been approved. So, how did it go? Richard Kumferman,, Senior Program Manager at Farmers says it best:
I couldn't let our contract end without telling you how much I have enjoyed your friendly service. Also your desire and commitment to see the project through overcoming obstacles and issues, all of which were treated with complete professionalism and good humor.


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