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A useful tool for any christian - a Prayer Journal

As mentioned, any christian open to a relationship with God could use a Prayer Journal. However, it was not any believer, but the management of Compass Bible Church that commissioned our team for web services in Orange County. And the platform we created for this beautiful worship place from Aliso Viejo, California, is the result of the efforts of our IT experts combined with the wonderful plan of the leaders of this church, a plan issued to help the disciples organize the spiritual part of their lives.


Few people were ever concerned of organizing in a nice and pleasant manner the time spent praying, this is why we appreciated the idea from the start and we put our best efforts into making this come to reality,


In order to create a useful tool, easy to use even by a person with less internet experience, we opted for a simple design and put more emphasis on the features. We chose the latest technologies in the field and put together a platform that is practical and user friendly, with a name that clearly reveals its purpose. During this process we used  CSS, XML, JQuerry, XHTML, HTML5, MySQL and Zend Framework, all enriched and improved by a responsive design, a must in order to easen the whole experience of the people using  the journal.


The platform represents complete efficacy when it comes to keeping an evidence of prayers. Each person can have a profile, see other users and interact, use the feature of entering a group to communicate within it, and, the most important, use the prayer journal in order to keep a clear record of his or her prayers. A feature that we, as well as the members of the Compass Bible Church that had the chance to test it before everybody, absolutely love is the  possibility of entering details on all the prayers and mark them as answered, as we all know that not only prayer is important, but also being thankful for what we receive in exchange.


Here, at 648 Group, we are very proud to be part of such a special project. We did our best to offer christians of the Compass Bible Church a tool that is practical, useful and nice, responsive on any device and simple to update from any operating system or browser.


If you need more details on this project or on web and mobile services in Orange County (and not just here), please give us a call or use our inquiry form in order to get in touch with us.


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