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A project in continuous development: RipNet

Lacrosse and RipNet are very similar and not just because RipNet is an app used by lacrosse players (mainly) who want to improve their skills and technique. Basically, behind both concepts is the idea of developing a certain product in order to make it better. You may ask yourself how this can be, as the two should be complementary, but what makes them also similar is the constant work and effort made in order to be improved.

Lacrosse is a sport played since the 12th century and improved step by step over the centuries. From a simple game that the indigenous living in North America played for entertainment to the codification of the game, made by William George Beers in 1867, and until the inauguration of the MLL in the summer of 2001, to the app – RipNet – used today by many people who enjoy the sport, it was all about a long, never-ending process of learning.

And of course, RipNet can be easily compared to the game that represents its core. Our company was employed for this project because it was known as a contractor offering professional web services  in Orange County (and not only). And the 648 Group and RipNet experts teamed in order to come up with the best idea for an app with a beautiful mobile design, a simple interface and an easy to use program by users of different gadgets. Until present, we launched RipNet with a bunch of features, but we are continuously improving them, in order to create a flawless app for those who need to improve their lacrosse skills.

Before offering you the information you need to know about the technical side involved in the construction of the puzzle known as RipNet, we would like to tell you a few words about the app itself. Created for the players who strive for perfection, the app is very useful, as they can introduce basic data in order to enjoy a clear and detailed analysis of the techniques and methods they use on the field. They can even improve their offensive skills, thanks to the videos available in RipNet, videos that will help them anticipate the moves of others while during a match.

What RipNet tries to offer is more than a website and an app accessible and usable from a multitude of gadgets, browsers and operating systems, a true experience easily to incorporate from everyday life into the online and reverse. As for us, the 648 Group, we are doing our best to help RipNet grow.

This is why the efforts of our team were concentrated in using great technology for this particular project: C#, CSS, iOS, SQLite, XML and XHTML. Our premium design and development solutions are a part of what RipNet is in present. And because we know we can do even better and we can help lacrosse aficionados become smarter players, we are happy to say that we reached the third phase of the RipNet project and we are working on some very cool features we’ll let you know about at the right time.

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