Compass Bible Church



technologies used

PHP, MySQL, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, jQuery

Bible Study is available

for any  church that:

Has thematic/interests groups that they want to teach simultaneously

Wants an easy way to standardize lesson material & delivery

Whishes to quickly & effectively update information for all students

Understands that going digital is a gain for it’s conveying of information & resources

Needs a wide array of tools to help support leaders & group needs

Bible study allows :


Can streamline new information instantly to all students. 
The adding of multiple studies and work on them behind the scenes.
The use the various formatting templates to convey information in the most precise way.

Student benefits

Have access to information anywhere
The emphasis on readability and UX makes for an easy reading experience 
The auto-saving notes make sure you never lose information
Several features enhance the learning experience: highlights, printing, bible pane

Main features


Leader notes: information that will only be available to Study leaders

Print function (with highlights or leader notes)

Auto-save for notes, every 15 seconds or less

ON/OFF for student notes & leader notes

Increase/Decrease font sizes

Toggle reading pane & bible pane to full width

Each Bible Study has different series, and multiple chapters

Highlights can be yellow, green, blue, purple and fuchsia. They are added on selecting text and can be removed easily.


Drag-and drop builder for lessons  Studies

Rich availability of objects to choose from: video objects, audio objects, FYI/Reminders, Questions & Answers, Bible verses, Notes, etc.

Preview function for  lessons while they are being built

Publish and un-publish lessons

A powerful CMS that allows churches to:

Add multiple studies and work on them behind the scenes, using previews to see changes before they go live.

Studies can have multiple lessons, that can be published or previewed


Content builder

Powerful drag-and drop content builder: users can use the various objects to convey information in the most precise way.


Transitioning into print such a complex learning project had some difficulties at the drawing board: we needed to make sure the lessons are legible and flexible enough for both leaders and students.


Our complex back-end builder offers a wide range of options for arranging content, so that the e-learning experience is as closer in feeling to the print-available option.


Bible Study is a Software as a service platform that allows any organization to create and publish on web and mobile bible studies, series, sermons.